Art That Strengthens Life

Lotus Arts was founded by Casandra K. Askjær and Jørgen B. Jensen who, since 1998, have developed a wide range of innovative artistic creations particularly for drinking water improvement, radiation harmonization, Atma naturopathy based on the inner power of plants and a whole new development of a golden culture for the strengthening of life, health and consciousness.

Lotus Arts

Lotus Arts is an art foundation aimed at preserving and bringing the creations of the artists out to the world.

The art is dedicated to the flaming etheric life force and love which is the birthright of all life and the way towards a golden culture where life can unfold in a harmonious, intelligent, creative interaction between people, plants and the fire, air, earth and water of the inner and outer world.

It is here the infinite flaming light, the cleansing, redeeming, all-consuming, renewing life-creating fire, together with the infinite clarity, magnificence and invisible presence of the life-giving air enters a mighty upliftment with the immense intelligence and infinite flowing vitality, purity and strength of the water is carried to and nourishes the life that is unfolding in and on the beautiful, life-giving earth.