Atma Naturopathy

New training and therapy with the inner power of plants


Levende kildevand

Inner Power of Plants

The flowering plants came to Earth millions of years ago, and their giving nature, uplifting beauty, fruits, and medicinal properties is the most important nourishing basis for human life and development.

Just as every human being has its own individual consciousness and innermost being, so the various plant species have their own common consciousness, in Sanskrit called atma.

Through a deeper contact with the atmas and their highly developed qualities, both plants and humans are strengthened, enriched and helped in our originality and great potentials for developing a life-affirmative golden culture.

This is the basis for the development of Lotus Arts’ atma products, cultivation, and Atma Naturopathy as a holistic approach to life and health for people and nature.

Atma Cream and Oils

Lotus Arts has extensive experience with the 12 different Atma oils, Atma Body Oil and Atma Cream, which all consist of carefully sourced organic oils so pure that they can be used both externally and internally.

The oils attain extraordinary effects after Lotus Arts has purified and treated them until each oil receives and fully embodies the fine qualities and effects of its atma.

Atma Oils are nourishing, cleansing and regenerative, and can help to release harmful habits and dependencies.

Atma Body Oil is for everyday use, light massage, release of tensions and pain relief, and for strengthening the etheric life force.

Atma Cream is very protective and restorativeand, and an excellent day, night and rescue cream. It is very good for wound healing and pain relief.

Atma Essences

Atma essences have been created to strengthen, assist and enrich people and nature through the uplifting presence and  highly developed qualities of the atmas, whereby we can attain a deeper connection to ourselves and the wonderful nature we are part of.

Atma essences carry the inner power and presence of the plants in pure spring water without any alcohol or additives. And the essences are optimally protected in life force preserving violet glass.

When worn on the body, ideally close to the heart, the presence of the atmas is brought into the etheric field to strengthen life force, love and wholeness for raising and unfolding our highest inherent qualities.

Atma Garden and Cultivation

The creation of the first atma essences was followed by the creation of an atma garden with the aim of establishing a place of power where the selected atmas could be fully present in their plants.

This succeeded through Casandra’s wisdom and tireless work, so eventually the atmas were able to keep the atma presence for all their plants across the earth.

Lotus Arts is conducting ongoing research in how the full presence of atmas in the plants can give a huge boost to crop health, growth and quality, right from soil preparation and germination to harvesting and processing.

And work is underway to develop aids that can be used by many for bringing through the inner power of plants in organic cultivation to strengthen fertility, health and quality of life.

Training Consisting of 6 Modules

The Atma Naturopathy training is project-oriented with a high degree of self-study followed up by workshops and feedback.

The highly developed inner power and qualities of plants are central to Atma Naturopathy where there is also a strong emphasis on clean, living drinking water
and a radiation-free environment.

Atma Naturopathy consists of 6 modules representing important basic elements of human existence. And each of them is represented by 20 selected atmas, 120 in all.

The 6 modules are for strengthening Radiance of Life, Upliftment of Love, Health, Inner Child, Lifestream and I AM.

The 6 atma albums, illustrated with Casandras paintings, describe the selected atmas and how they help & enhance life.

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