Strengthen Life

with aids for harmonizing

radiation and the environment

Radiation hazards of the modern world

Today, all human beings, especially children and the unborn who are the most vulnerable, are exposed to huge amounts of man-made radiation that the organism is not built to cope with.

Only 20 years ago, we could live in a world where we able to hold our etheric fields in a flaming vitality and a beautiful connection to the power of life from the cosmos that could be drawn in when we confirmed the life force in our actions and radiance of life. This despite the fact that there were also several sources of harmful radiation pollution at the time.

It was only when the mobile phone and the wireless technology really made its entry along with a multitude of cell towers that the radiation became so powerful that the natural life force and connection with the cosmos and the earth were seriously weakened.

As a result, the organism has become more susceptible to disease and other forms of pollution, not least from heavy metals and the synthetic chemical substances constantly poisoning us and our environment.

From illness and death to health and life

This has serious consequences for health, well-being and quality of life, and the enormous radiation is harmful to everyone, whether it is percieved and the association between more or less obvious symptoms and radiation impact is recognized or not.

Although there has also developed a great deal of dependency on microwave radiation and wireless communication, this entire global experiment must be stopped and replaced by harmless alternatives if man and nature should have a chance to find back to vitality and health.

To help in this transition Lotus Arts has developed unique products to harmonize and bring peace into electromagnetic fields, to minimize their harmful effects, assist in detoxification and the rehabilitation from radiation dependency, and to strengthen and restore the flaming life force that is the basis of all life processes, for life, health and well-being.

The glass and its characteristics

Lotus Arts has many glass-based products with special characteristics. Since glass is a “neutral” quartz based, non-crystalline material, it is possible for it to hold and radiate life-building information and qualities.

This is reflected in Lotus Arts products through the universal infinite, flaming light and love that holds the balance in all aspects of the basic duality of creation, which unfolds in all life in the earth, the water, the fire and the air. This special feature gives the glass strong harmonizing effects and serves to restore and enhance vitality, balance and optimal expressions of life everywhere.

Wath “Nature by Numbers” an amazing animation about the Golden Ratio

Phi – The Golden Ratio

Phi, the Golden Ratio, 1: 1,618 is an image of the relationship and balance of the duality in all creation in the electric universe, and as such, Phi can be observed everywhere in nature’s countless forms and expressions.

Therefore, it forms an important element in the design of Lotus Arts products, as Phi enhances their harmonizing and life-building energies and effects.

Eternity Drop

The Eternity Drop is an energy pendant made of glass in several different flame colors to be worn by the heart.

It is developed for strengthening and protection of I AM, of the life forces, the flames of life, so the blood can roll more freely, so centering, concentration and memory is improved.

And it is for protection against and harmonization of harmful radiation, as a help to live life optimally.

The Lotus Arts design is based on the Golden Ratio. It comes with a silver clasp and with a silk cord that matches the colour of the Eternity Drop.

76 €

Ray Filters

The blue Electromagnetic Ray Filter with golden spirals can be attached with tape over the fuse relay and behind computer, monitor, TV, router and electrical appliances in order to harmonize EMF and establish a clear and calm atmosphere in the home, office and workplace.

For strengthening well-being, concentration and energy levels, and minimizing radiation problems such as fatigue, burning eyes, headache and irritation.

The same goes for the Mobile Phone filter, which also help to reduce heat impact and support those who want to stop using the mobile. For attaching on the back of the phone or under the battery. This particular filter has a durability of maximum of 6 months by daily use.

The green Earth Ray Filter is placed directly on the floor for neutralization and harmonization of geomagnetic radiation in a 7 meter radius. Here it takes a few days before its effect has been fully achieved and reached full strength. Can also be used for neutralizing static electricity and, for example, placed between clothes and blankets, as well as in the car.

A4 size Ray Filters, 52 €

 The violet Human Ray Filter is suitable for stress, fatigue and imbalances, as a way to get more space and energy, as well as to relieve mild pain and discomfort. Can be held toward the chest or lead closely around the body in slow movements. It can also be placed under the mousepad to harmonize radiation and minimize discomforts. It can be good to place the Human Ray Filter under the child’s pillow for balancing man-made radiation problems.

A5 size Ray Filters, 37 €

Crystal Wands

Lotus Arts’ massive glass crystal wands, emblazoned with a harmonizing Golden Ratio symbol in 24 karat gold, are for balancing polarities, transforming harmful radiation, purifying the atmosphere, and for promoting peace, clarity, openness, stability and raising awareness whereever they are placed.

The small 10 cm tall crystal wand on the image to the left works in rooms up to 30m2. Also good for simply holding in the hand or for gently moving around the head for balancing negative radiation impacts.

104 €

The large 20 cm long crystal wand has a field of action that corresponds to a whole house.

240 €

Large crystal wands with an engraved and gold plated spiral are available on order and by personal delivery only.

1297 €


Suns of Glass

Suns of glass in different colors can be placed on the accompanying glass stand, both as a beautiful decoration and for harmonization and lifting of the vibration in different spaces and contexts.

They are also very nice for holding in the hand or placing on the body for relaxation. And they are very suitable for giving massage as they help to transform any tensions being released, thereby achieving deeper effects of the massage and at the same time relieving the masseur.

Sun of Glass with a diameter of 35 mm. 32 €

Sun of Glass with a diameter of 50 mm. 50 €


Qualities of the Colours

Lotus Arts’ clear, clean glass with the high energy turnes Eternity Drops and Suns of Glass into precious stones where the different colors can have the following qualities.

Clear white: An incredible purity, protects against unclean color tones. A pure presence on Earth protects against the influence of others.

Light-violet: Cleans and recreates the connection to the true I AM.

Deep violet: Transforms and gives freedom to earthly life.

Yellow: Wakefulness, illumination, joy, delight and presence.

Golden: Transforms and digests many impressions, information and experiences in the physical.

Pink: God’s love, love of life and I AM in the heart. The opener for a new life.

Dark red: Love for oneself and others, and for all life everywhere. Forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Light green: Hope and faithfulness in God and I AM. Perseverance and faith in the future.

Dark green: Truth, authenticity, honesty, self-discovery and healing.

Light blue: Increases awareness, strengthens learning and gives strength to set new goals for this life.

Dark blue: Strength to stand firm, grounding, and strength to follow the inner task of the blueprint in the lifestream.