Atma Body Care Oils

Atma oils are exquisite cold-pressed and unrefined organic oils, which, after a deep energetic cleansing by Lotus Arts, have become able to contain the atma of the oil plant. This divine presence and innermost being of the plant species bring their many fine qualities and a greater purity, vitality, and profound effects to these unique oils.

Plant oils are extracted from the seeds of plants, which contain the end product of the entire plant’s growth and the very essence of its creative, life-giving, reproductive power, right into the plant’s unique DNA that carries and embodies the inherent intelligence, qualities and special characteristics of the plant species that are so beautifully expressed in the atma oils.


for Health and Wellbeing

AAll atma oils, with the exception of jojoba, are unrefined and the best food grade oils, as that ensures the purest and most wholesome oil with optimal quality for skin and body care, free of the over-processing and possible chemical residues often found in refined cosmetic oils.

The essential fatty acids and broad-spectrum effects of the atma oils makes them excellent for body care, massage, reflexology, body work, for stressed and sensitive skin, skin problems, and for young and old alike.

Lotus Arts atma oils are available in 100 ml violet glass bottles and some of them also in clear 1/2 liter glass bottles. Both atma oils and glass are specially treated, which gives the oils extra long shelf life..


Almond Atma Oil

Cold pressed, unrefined organic almond atma oil is a nutritious light golden oil with a pleasant, mild, nutty aroma. It contains mainly omega 6 and especially omega 9 fatty acid, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins E, D and a little vitamin K.

Because of its light, softening, moisturizing and soothing qualities, the almond atma oil is very good for massage and skin and hair care, and as a carrier oil for essential oils as it penetrates deep into the skin. It is especially good for the hair, for irritated, dry and sensitive skin, and for the relief of skin disorders and muscle pain.

The uplifting and healing almond atma in the oil stimulates digestion, glands, immune system, nobility, joy of life, light and exaltation of mind and heart.

INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

100 ml – 29 €        500 ml – .


Apricot Atma Oil

This cold pressed, unrefined organic apricot atma oil, extracted from apricot kernels, is light golden and has a distinctly nutty scent. It contains mainly omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, E and K vitamins.

Apricot atma oil is excellent for massage and skin care as it is light, cleansing, softening, moisturizing and soothing. It is suitable for combining with essential oils as it penetrates deep into the skin. It is especially good for the hair, for irritated, dry and sensitive skin, and for the relief of acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, as well as arthritis and muscle pain.

The divine presence of the apricot in the oil stimulates harmony, surplus of life force, love, nobleness, dignity, presence and well-being.

INCI: Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

100 ml – 29 €     500 ml – .


Coconut Atma Oil

Our cold-pressed, unrefined organic coconut atma oil comes from either the Philippines or the Solomon Islands, where it is extracted from freshly harvested coconuts, ensuring it has a delicious aroma and rich taste of coconut. It contains a little omega 6 and 7, and most of all beneficial, easily metabolizable saturated fatty acids, which gives it a solid consistency at temperatures below 25° C.

Coconut atma oil is rejuvenating, works deep into the body and is easily absorbed by muscles, nerves, glands, organs and skin. It provides shine and growth to the hair, is excellent for the skin, for massage in general, and for head massage to eliminate stress and mental fatigue.
It is moisturizing and suitable for skin infections and skin disorders.

It is good as a carrier oil and does not become rancid. It is antibacterial and antiviral.

The Coconut Atma also promotes new physical and etheric balance, even after life-depleting diets, habits and stress conditions.

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil

530 ml – 28 €

Avocado Atma Oil

Cold pressed, unrefined organic avocado atma oil extracted from the nutritious fruits of the avocado tree, which originates from Mexico and Central America. A rich source of A, D and E vitamins, antioxidants, essential minerals and essential fatty acids, mostly omega 9 and 6 as well as a little omega 7.

This unrefined atma oil has an intense scent of avocado and is fatty, deep green and one of the world’s best body oils, with very fine effects for massage, for shiny hair and for skin care, especially for dry, damaged and mature skin as it is an opener and stress reliever that cleanses and nourishes skin, cartilage, muscles, nerves and the inner life and being.

It moisturizes the skin, stimulates wound healing and alleviates many skin problems. And the divine presence of the avocado stimulates the heart, happiness, love. giving of oneself, digestion, clarification, relaxation, balance and joy of life.

INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil

100 ml – 24 €     500 ml – 32 €


Sesame Atma Oil

This sesame atma oil, which is light golden and has a mild, nutty flavor and scent, is cold pressed from organic seeds from the annual sesame plant. This unrefined nutritious atma oil contains small amounts of saturated fatty acid and equal parts of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, E- and a little Vitamin K, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients with particularly beneficial effects on, for example, bones, circulation and digestion.

Sesame atma oil regenerates and moisturizes the skin and provides a protective layer against radiation, burns, and foreign substances and toxins, which it can also draw out from the skin through application and massage. Recommended for baby massage. It helps the hair maintain color, health and fullness.

It is since ancient times a highly valued oil where the divine presence of the sesame strengthens love, well-being, peace, grounding, vitality, protection, higher consciousness, order in chaos, purity and strength of the skin, release of tension and emotional conflicts.

INCI: Sesame Indicum Oil


100 ml – 16 €     500 ml – 32 €

Olive Atma Oil

This extra-virgin organic olive oil with the pleasant spicy aroma is cold pressed and from Catalonia. It contains mainly omega 9 and some omega 6 fatty acid, as well as potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, E and K vitamins, and nature’s strongest antioxidants.

It is very suitable for massage and skin care where it is softening, moisturizing, antibacterial and rejuvenating. It stimulates metabolism, circulation and elimination of toxins, and also protects against radiation, burns, oxidative stress and skin cancer development. It is good for regular massage of young children to strengthen their natural independence from the parents.

The effect of the olive atma in the oil gives strength to inner wisdom, to stand firm and to overcome difficulties. It assists with transition to a vegetarian diet, with digestion and nutrient uptake, and with carrying out large projects.

INCI: Olea Europaea Oil

100 ml – 16 €     500 ml – 31 €

Sunflower Atma Oil

This cold pressed, unrefined biodynamic sunflower atma oil is light golden, has a nice scent of sunflower seeds and contains mainly omega 6, a little omega 9 and a little saturated fatty acid, as well as minerals and especially vitamin E.

Sunflower atma oil helps maintain healthy and strong skin through its protective, soothing and moisturizing properties. It provides robustness toward diseases, strengthens the immune system and all mucous membranes in the body. It is especially suitable for daily use and application, especially around the solar plexus, for strengthening self-esteem and confidence, and by the onset of stress based stomach ulcers. It is recommended for infants for its ability to protect against infections.

Sunflower atma oil opens up to bring the etheric, fiery, life-giving power of life and love deep into the physical. The oil can be applied to the neck, scalp, ears and eye area, and gurgled in the oral cavity for five minutes to strengthen mucous membranes, the fine etheric system of the spine, also lymph and blood vessels, the brain stem and its connection to the pituitary and pineal glands, as well as to the thalamus’ balancing sensory function for the relaxation and cooperation of the senses. It provides surplus of life force in the etheric field, by massage all over the body.

INCI: Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

100 ml – 14 €     500 ml – 28 €

Safflower Atma Oil

Organic, deep golden, cold pressed and unrefined from the seeds of the golden color thistle. It has a faint scent and taste reminiscent of sunflower oil, and a high content of omega 9 oleic acid, and some saturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated omega 6 linoleic acid, as well as vitamin E and K.

The safflower atma oil has strong protective and releasing powers for the inner presence, and through massage it can help bring about the good mood, find a good grounding, receive healing, meditate, and persevere until love and forgiveness prevail.

It provides strength to maintain discipline, calm and order, so that anxiety and panic disappear. Provides gentle healing of wounds, cracks and openings in the etheric field, as well as in the internal organs, all the way into the cell membranes and DNA.

When there really is to be a breakthrough in any healing, cure and massage, the safflower atma oil is the coordinator between the other atma oils, allowing them to bring their full potential to the skin, connective tissue and the interior at any time.

INCI: Carthamus Tinctorius Oil

100 ml – 14 €     500 ml – 28 €

Macadamia Atma Oil

The light golden organic and unrefined macadamia atma oil with the delicate nut scent is cold pressed from the tasty, nutritious nuts of the macadamia tree native to Australia. Contains mainly omega 9, and up to 25% omega 7 fatty acid.

Macadamia atma oil is really good for hair and skin care, and absolutely unique for massage, especially on feet and lower legs as it penetrates anxieties for being on Earth and provides the power and strength to overcome anxiety and doubt, bringing forth the reality of how unclear situations can be stabilized.

This atma oil gathers and heals and supports the rebuilding of the body’s fatty acids, right from the sensory centers of the adipose tissue of the brain to the functions of the endocrine glands. It strengthens the rebuilding of the etheric field, is good for dissolving old shocks and for reversing depression and their downward spirals in the psyche, to positive upward spirals of light, love, happiness and presence in the life being lived.

INCI: Macadamia Integrifolia Nut Oil

100 ml – 29 €     500 ml – .

Flaxseed Atma Oil

The flaxseed atma oil is deep golden, organic, cold pressed and unrefined, and consists mainly of the essential omega 3 fatty acid. It is a special body oil that can help strengthen important internal organs, mucous membranes, and in dissolving calcifications, balancing cholesterol levels, and regulating appetite and body weight.

It contains a powerful fiery power that can restore life where there is death inside the body and on the skin and thus in the etheric field, so that dead cells and all that is dead can be eliminated, and the strength to recreate a whole new life in accordance with what we are born into the Earth to accomplish is established over a period of time.

It is especially good for regenerating very damaged, cracked and dry skin. And by applying back, neck, back of the head, arms and legs with a mixture of flaxseed and macadamia atma oil, the kidneys and bladder get a good balance between them, toxins can be pulled out of the body and a fine balance can be achieved between the right and left sides of the body, as the atma oils affects the autonomic nervous system.

INCI: Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil

100 ml – 16 €     500 ml – 31 €

Walnut Atma Oil

This fragrant golden atma oil is cold pressed from nutritious organic walnuts growing in the mountains of Moldova. Its balanced composition of omega 6, omega 9 and small amounts of omega 3 fatty acids makes it an excellent skincare oil that promotes cell metabolism and regeneration of the skin, making it ideal for dry, aged and damaged skin.

It also has a particularly good effect on the many functions of the brain, and revives and harmonizes the right and left hemispheres as well as the liver and pancreas. May promote long-term harmonic strength and health in the uterus, prostate and endocrine glands, as well as in the solar plexus and its protective function against psychic attacks.

Walnut atma oil easily penetrates and gives strength to the skin, especially by light massage, and it strengthens and rejuvenates the skin and connective tissue and its blood flow so that impurities can be eliminated.

INCI: Juglans Regia Seed Oil

100 ml – 31 €     500 ml – .

Hazelnut Atma Oil

Our hazelnut atma oil is organic, cold pressed and unrefined and has a wonderful aroma of hazelnuts. It contains mainly omega 9 and a little omega 6 fatty acid as well as vit. E.

It enhances the shine, softness and regrowth of the hair, and has a nourishing, moisturizing, astringent, soothing, rejuvenating and firming effect on the skin.

It is a good carrier oil for aromatherapy and a great massage oil that creates harmony within and brings peace and quiet in the solar plexus, liver, kidney, bladder and endocrine glands, especially in the reproductive glands.

By massage, this atma oil creates tranquility for the application of new flaming energy in the etheric field. On the feet and hands, the zone points are cleansed so that the internal organs are given new energy and vitality. By heart and chest massage, peace and quiet are taken in. By back massage, the muscles and attachments to the spine are strengthened, so the muscles relax, tensions disappear and the nerves of the spine are calmed. When massaging shoulders, neck and arms, the right and left side is harmonized and burdens can be lifted free.

INCI: Corylus Avellana Seed Oil

100 ml – 29 €     500 ml – .

Borage Atma Oil

This golden, cold pressed, unrefined, organic borage seed atma oil is PA amabiline free and contains Vitamin E, antioxidants, some omega 9 and especially omega 6 fatty acid and 20% gamma linoleic acid, GLA. GLA is transformed in the body into hormone-like substances that can block inflammation and thus benefit a wide range of bodily functions, skin disorders, etc.

It is a divine atma oil which has very fine properties to strengthen and bring the etheric in harmony with the physical. It is cleansing and lifts tension free from the physical body, and lifts and nurtures it where it is massaged lightly into the skin, whereby it heals the nerves, connective tissue, endocrine glands and not least the liver, through the blood.

This fine skin care atma oil supports the female creative side in both women and men.    It provides unique help and strength to the female hormones, also during menstrual pain, and especially when applied on the entire abdomen. It can be applied to the neck and back of the head by headaches, and the entire abdominal area by imbalances in the emotions, as well as the entire chest area and both arms by heart problems, for greater independence and resolution of attachments. Can be applied all over the body every day to raise the consciousness so that the inner talents can emerge.

INCI: Borago Officinalis Seed Oil

100 ml – 28 €     500 ml – .

Grape Seed Atma Oil

Denne meget beskyttende og regenererende atmaolie, med dens karakteristiske duft af vinmos har højt indhold af omega 6, en mindre del omega 9, samt E vitamin og lecitin der nærer og trænger dybt ind i huden. Olien indeholder også procynanider, bedre end E vitamin til frie radikaler og modvirkning af ældning.

Vindruekerne atmaolien får igennem vinstokkens ildfulde guddommelige nærvær nogle helt ekstraordinære kvaliteter og virkninger, idet den udfolder ilden ind i det som er livløst og henfaldent, og brænder det døde væk. Det kan også gælde en ødelagt lever der ikke kan rense blodet tilstrækkeligt, i hvilket tilfælde der også skal drikkes vand fra Lotus Arts vandbeliver. Den kan bruges til uren og fedtet hud, og er især god at gnide ind i død, livløs og meget rynket hud, og det som er forslidt og vanskeligt at få liv i igen.

Brug den i hovedbunden, for at få liv i hjerneceller, som aldrig er blevet brugt, eller er brændt af gennem overdreven brug af alkohol, sukker og mobiltelefon. Og brug den når huden er forbrændt af mikrobølger fra wi-fi, mobil, master og smartmåler, og især ved hjertet når det ikke kan klare mikrobølgerne.
Den er eminent god til beskyttelse mod psykisme og genskabelse efter skader fra angreb.
Og den hjælper til at vække livslysten og latteren til live igen, især når den er ødelagt af et hårdt og voldeligt liv.

Uraffineret økologisk hud- og kropsplejeolie i fødevarekvalitet.
INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

100 ml – 37 €

Poppy Seed Atma Oil

Dette er en sjælden god økologisk atma olie af koldpressede valmuefrø. Den indeholder hovedsagelig omega 6, og mindre dele omega 9 og mættet fedtsyre, har ingen narkotiske egenskaber, er mindre tilbøjelig end andre olier til at blive harsk, og har en delikat, let sødlig, nøddeagtig duft.

Den er især gavnlig for ældet, tør, ru og sensitiv hud. Den føles meget let og glat på huden og er et værdifuldt hudplejeprodukt der giver ny energi til hårdtprøvede mennesker, børn og dyr.

Valmuens atma sender igennem dens olie et flammende æterisk sollys dybt ind i solar plexus området og til rygraden, så ryghvirvler og bruskskiver styrkes og får ny spændstighed og bøjelighed, og især bruskskiverne bliver renset og blødgjort.

Den er eliksir for huden i ansigt og hals, for at gøre den blød og blive beskyttet imod vejrlig og stråling, og bør smøres på alle de steder som ikke kan tildækkes inden byturen og rejsen, til beskyttelse imod de allestedsnærværende mikrobølger.

Den er velegnet til fodpleje og frisættelse af påtrængende energier udefra. Og den er god til massage af hovedbunden og til ørerne for renselse af punkterne der for ophobet energi og tilbageholdte følelser fra opvæksten.

Uraffineret hud- og kropsplejeolie i fødevarekvalitet.
INCI: Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil

100 ml – 29 €     500 ml – .

 Pine Nut Atma Oil

Frøene fra koglerne af vildtvoksende sibiriske fyrretræer, også kaldet sibiriske cedertræer, er kilden til denne specielle lysgyldne atmaolie med duft af pinjekerner og presset på en oliepresse af træ for optimal kvalitet og livskraft. Indeholder især flerumættet linolsyre og pinolinolensyre, E og F vitamin, mineraler, jod, aminosyrer og store mængder antioxidanter.

Olien er fugtighedsgivende og velegnet til hudpleje, ansigts- og kropsmassage, og ved bindevævs og vævsdegenerering, strålingsskader, forskellige hudsygdomme og langvarige sår. Har traditionelt været brugt ved mave og fordøjelsesproblemer, mavesår, halsbrand, bugspytkirtel og galdeblæregener, m.m.

Ved at gnide denne ildfulde atmaolie blidt ind i rygrad, nakke, hovedbund, bryst og maveområde, og taget i små mængder sammen med livsoverskudsgivende drikkevand, så kan den styrke DNAets gyldne spiraler og erkendelsen af hvem vores livsstrøm og DNA i sandhed er, efter millioner af års   forførelser, degenerering og undertrykkelse.

Olien fremmer ildfuld genskabelse af det grundlæggende DNA i de fire elementer jord, vand, ild og luft, som alle er bygget op af, samt ændring af alle former for degenerering igennem tiderne, til livsstrømmens oprindelige gyldne DNA igennem daglig påsmøring over hele kroppen igennem en måned.

Uraffineret hud- og kropsplejeolie i fødevarekvalitet.
INCI: Pinus Sibirica Seed Oil

100 ml – 52 €     500 ml – .

Jojoba Atma Oil

Jojoba er en ørkenplante fra Mexico, Californien og Arizona, fra hvis frø der udvindes en duftløs, lysgylden voks, der så bliver raffineret til en olie bestående af specielle omega 9 olier, der ikke er beregnet til at indtage. Olien harsker ikke og ligner meget hudens egen talg, der smører hud og hår. Den kan både bruges ved nedsat talgproduktion, og til at fjerne overskydende talg fra håret og huden. Olien er fugtighedsgivende, absorberes hurtig og let i huden, som den gør blød og stærk. Den fremmer blodgennemstrømning, danner en åndbar, beskyttende film på huden, og kan også bruges til meget olieholdig hud.

Ved hududslet, som kommer af nyreproblemer og dermed giftophobninger i kroppen, er denne atmaolie god at massere let og varmende ind over nyrerne, og den kan bruges i forbindelse med andre hudlidelser, acne, fodsvamp, rynker, forbrændinger, sår, revnede hæle, skæl, strækmærker, m.m.

Jojoba atmaolien er meget ildfuld, giver styrke til hjertet og det æteriske felt, bringer solkraft og fred ind i alle sanserne, i hovedet, kroppen og nervesystemet, og holder forbindelsen til det flammende JEG ER Nærvær. Den påsmøres hele kroppen for beskyttelse og styrkelse efter store belastninger af det ildfulde og livgivende, ved udmattelser, udbrændthed, og under og efter krævende sygdomsperioder, traumatiske psykiske oplevelser, ondskab, psykisme, vanvid og angst. Beskyttende påsmøring af hovedbunden styrker hjernen og samarbejdet mellem de to hjernehalvdele.

Økologisk / Udvortes brug. INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

100 ml – 37 €     500 ml – .