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Golden Lotus Arts Publishing

Golden Lotus Arts is the publisher of Casandra’s books, education material, DVDs and CDs, Atma Cards, art albums, and reproductions of her atma paintings. DVD slideshows for healing and meditative moments are created by Casandra and Jorgen and based on images of atmas and their plants.

Casandra writes, paints and talks about her many years of research in former golden cultures on Earth. This research is based on Casandra’s precious ability to use her heart, lifestream, senses and consciousness to study and research how life was lived on earth in ancient highly developed golden cultures.

Birth into a Golden Culture

 This is a marvellous story about a golden culture on Earth that has been erased from consciousness for millions of years.

We live in an age where many loving and wise lifestreams are born, who can benefit greatly from this story about how the beginning of life was lived in a golden culture, as a preparation for the re-emergence of these golden culture builders as golden lifestreams from within, to prepare the way for the coming of a whole new culture.

The book contains beautiful descriptions of births underwater, followed by life in hammocks under tree tops and the first years of life where freedom, independence of parents, independent development and oneness with nature is the golden basis for life.

A journey of consciousness for all who are in development with themselves and the golden young one, I AM within, who will love this book and rejoice and grow by it.

The book gives a deep insight into human potential and the consciousness that underlies the development of a golden culture which is dependent on the inner and outer life being given the right conditions from conception through fetal life, birth and the first years of life.

The Golden Atma Series ● Volume 1.  255 pages.  29 €.  ISBN 978-82-93294-01-6

Birth-, Growing up, and Development in a Golden Culture

Casandras deep experience of and unique research into how people, plants and birds lived in a visionary, innovative and creative leadership of a vanished but re-emerging golden culture has led to the release of the first of 10 volumes in the Golden Atma Series: Birth into a Golden Culture

Responses from readers after having read the book from one to several times:

“A unique book that enriches me every time I read it, it touches something really deep inside.”

“There is so much love in the book, it touches me deeply. The book gives me a great healing.”

“I am captivated, fascinated, thank you for having written this book. I eagerly await the next book in the Atma series.”

“The book raises the inner childen free of trauma, and it’s a great help for the inner work.”

“I read the book slowly, it gives so very much.”

Atma – Inner Power of Plants     Volume 1 – Light, Love and Health

Welcome to the wonderful world of atmas, the innermost being and power of plants and their original DNA with their uplifting divine qualities and potential for strengthening the continuous development and unfoldment of plants and human beings.

The inner power of the plants is seen, experienced, painted and described by Casandra for years, and this creativity is brought out to the world as reproductions, atma picture cards, atma essences and atma oils, and this the first of two books with paintings and descriptions of the atmas.

Volume 1 contains 3 times 20 atmas with particular focus on:   1. Transforming the whole spectrum of the sun’s radiance of life.  2. Upliftment of love in human lifestreams, in the flora and the earth.   3. Strengthening health in human beings, flora and the earth.

The upcoming Vol. 2 will contain the atmas with special focus on the inner child, lifestream and I AM.

Illustrated. 128 pages.  27 €.  ISBN 978-87-970999-5-7

Paintings of the Atmas by Casandra


The slides below contain images of the 120 atmas painted by Casandra. They are divided into 6 groups of 20 atmas each.

All the images are featured in the books: Atma – Inner Power of Plants. Vol. 1 & 2.

They are available as A3 sized reproductions at 39 € each, and also as the two decs of Atma cards shown below. 26 € pr. deck.

Almond Atma

Apricot Atma

Lemon Atma

Coconut Atma

Snowdrop Atma

Sweet Mock Orange Atma

Elder Atma

Juniper Atma

Birch Atma

Rugosa Rose Atma

Poppy Atma

Anemone Atma

Kauri Atma

Harakeke Atma

Ti Kouka Atma

Manuka Atma

Tanekaha Atma

Kawakawa Atma

Rewarewa Atma

Rimu Atma

Tulip Atma

Rose Atma

Puriri Atma

Avocado Atma

Hibiscus Atma

Sunflower Atma

Pohutukawa Atma

Rata Atma

Camellia Atma

Echinacea Atma

Redflower Currant Atma

Peony Atma

Alpenrose Atma

Dahlia Atma

Fuchsia Atma

 Daisy Atma

Hestekastanjens atma

Safflower Atma

Japanese Cherry Atma

Mistletoe Atma

Ginkgo Biloba Atma

Apple Atma

Forsythia Atma

Orange Atma

Cinquefoil Atma

Calendula Atma

Sea Buckthorn Atma

Noni Atma

Aloe Vera Atma

Comfrey Atma

Nikau Atma

Crown Imperial Atma

Mango Atma

Dandelion Atma

Borage Atma

Kowhai Atma

Yellow Azalea Atma

Deodar Cedar Atma

Ginger Atma

Horopito Atma

Atmas for Radiance of Life

Atmas for Upliftment of Love

Atmas for Health

Queen of the Night Atma

Bamboo Atma

Willow Atma

Alder Atma

Olive Atma

Hazel Atma

Forget me not Atma

Hydrangea Atma

Maple Atma

Pine Atma

Walnut Atma

Yellow Anemone Atma

Larch Atma

Rowan Atma

Water Lily Atma

Eranthis Atma

Yarrow Atma

Fern Atma

Violet Atma

Cornflower Atma

Thuja Atma


Flax Atma

Chrysanthemum Atma

Aspen Atma

Box Atma

Magnolia Atma

Tulip Tree Atma

Orchid Atma

Bird Cherry Atma

Grapevine Atma

Kamahi Atma

Bellflower Atma

Crocus Atma

Five Finger Atma

Rhododendron Atma

Red Clover Atma

Nasturtium Atma

Heartsease Atma

Iris Atma

Hawthorn Atma

Linden Atma

Redwood Atma

Oak Atma

Silver Fir Atma

Daffodil Atma

Palash Atma

Beech Atma

Lemonwood Atma

Winter Jasmine Atma

Sesame Atma

Macadamia Atma

Totara Atma

Lilac Atma

Eucalyptus Atma

Hebe Atma

Silver Beech Atma

Kahikatea Atma

Tree Daisy Atma

Jojoba Atma

Tree Fern Atma

Atmas for the Inner Child

Atmas for the Lifestream

Atmas for I AM

Atma Cards

The two decks in A7 size, with 60 cards in each, contain Casandra’s images of selected atmas who represent the greatest help we can get from nature.

Become familiar with the atmas through these beautiful paintings to receive all they have to give in many life circumstances and tasks for common upliftment of the whole and the nature we are all part of.

Sæt 1 ISBN 9788293294085

Sæt 2 ISBN 9788293294092

26 € pr. deck.

Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Life is not only a new and epoch-making time measurement for the year, where 365 days are divided into twelve “life paths” in different flame colors, and into 36 “parties” of 10 days. It is also a connection and attunement to the cosmic light and its changing cyclic qualities that flow to the Earth and its life for re-creation and renewal throughout the year.

Beautiful new edition of the Spiral of Life – Nature’s Expressions of Life in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spiral of Life for the Northern Hemisphere will be available in 2018.


This perpetual calender is richly illustrated with nature photos. 130 pages. 25 €.


ISBN 9788797099933

The Spiral of Life is published in an A5 sized booklet as a new type of calendar showing nature’s life expression for both the northern hemisphere, representing the more masculine part of the planet, and the southern hemisphere, representing the more feminine half of the planet.

Thus, the two hemispheres of the Earth, with their opposing seasons and different qualities, are truthfully represented in a balanced and factual way based on their complementary influx and radiance of light in the wholeness of planet Earth.

The Spiral of Life has been rediscovered and created by Casandra who has been working on it since year 0 (2000). Today many are following the Spiral of Life, which lifts the consciousness and releases the individual from the outdated and suppressive Roman calendar, which is concocted by and invoking tyrannical Roman emperors and pagan gods.

The Spiral of Life is an expression of how time is measured in the life we live today, on the way into a golden culture.

In one year there are 12 life paths divided into 36 parties, each having 10 days. The 10 days in a party is a praise and development of eternity, mind, heart, creativity, vitality, beauty, peace, light, wisdom and purity, as the days are named accordingly.

Each party is a praise of the changing flame colors of life and the seasons in the 12 life paths that follow the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Summer solstice, winter solstice, autumn equinox and spring equinox are celebrated with the creation of great visions for the coming three life paths and with atma tree of life dances. Life is lived in nature’s solar time and not according to the daylight saving time of the industrial world.

The golden cultures are connected to 120 highly developed solar systems, which in relation to the Earth are situated deep within the spiral galaxy of the Milky Way. The 120 atma paintings and essences made by Casandra are connected to these solar systems.

Oppstrynsvatnet – 13

Videdalen – 14

Strynsvatnet – 15

Hjelledalen – 16

Tvinnefossen – 17

Skarstein – 18

Oldedalen – 19

Olden – 20

Nordfjord – 21

Anemone – 22

Nature photos from Norway

These images from the inner Nordfjord area in Norway are sold as posters in A3 + size on heavy paper.

19 € each.

Indre Nordfjord – 1

Oldedalen – 2

Briksdalen – 3

Skåla – 4

Nordfjord – 5

Breifonna – 6

Sunndalen – 7

Oldevatnet – 8

Sunndalen – 9

Nordfjord Skåla – 10

Nordfjord Asp – 11

Der ingen skulle tru at nokon ville ha en bru