Lotus Arts Water Vitalizer


creating drinking water with an abundance of the highest life-building forces of earth, water, fire and air.

Levende kildevand

Drinking Water Quality

Water is life and the quality of the water we drink is of great importance for our health, energy level, well-being and quality of life.

Even if tap water may be chemically pure it is stressed out and depleted of its electrical potential from its passage through water pipes where it can not move in the meandering flow of life-generating vortex motion.

Thereby, the water also becomes susceptible to harmful foreign substances and bacteria. And such water will deplete the body of energy, rather than nourish, vitalize and cleanse it, as drinking water is intended to.

Lotus Arts Water Vitalizer

Lotus Arts has developed this Water Vitalizer to make it easy and affordable to make healthy, life-giving water of very high quality. Water as it once could be found in unpolluted Nature before the earth’s devastation by industrialization.

The Water Vitalizer consists of an ovoid jug with a glass egg sealed with beeswax.
The egg, containing four element enhanced water from Norwegian mountain springs, is placed in the jug filled with water for drinking.

Leave the water for 30 minutes as it is reborn and brought back to its natural, optimal state while it releases all stress conditions, transmutes harmful foreign substances and absorbs the high grade life forces of the water in the egg.

The matching drinking glasses are like the egg and jug designed by Lotus Arts and mouth blown by skilled glass artists.

This life giving drinking water is also recommended for hot drinks and cooking, and should above all be enjoyed, experienced and known by its effects.
Children, animals and plants love it!


Mouthblown jug with pure gold symbol and glass egg with vitalized water: 321 €

Drinking glass with gold symbol: 16


Dynamics of the Ovoid

The ovoid shapes are based on the Golden Mean Ratio, Phi, 1:1,618, which can be seen everywhere in the natural world as the harmonic sequence of growth and dynamic balance between the duality in all creation.

The shapes in the Golden Mean Ratio have a strengthening influence on the energy and effects of the glass eggs and the living water. And on sustaining the natural structure and ability of the water to nourish all life.

The universal egg shape spontaneously generates life-building vortex motion, which makes it optimal for the storage and rebirth of water and its etheric forces for nourishing and strengthening life, health and innovation.

Jugs and glasses have an emblazoned symbol in pure gold of water in its basic composition, H2O, comprised of one clockwise and two anti-clockwise spirals in an egg shaped drop.


Glass egg with vitalized water: 119

Power of the Four Elements

All life consists of the creative unfoldment of the four elements. And the continuous strengthening and balancing of the four elements is essential for health, fertility and quality of life.

Through a natural process the highly qualified water in the egg  has been imbued with the immense etheric life forces of water, earth, air and fire and their balancing, healing action.
These forces are then sustained through constantly changing external temperatures which give rise to vortex motions in the water that generate a nourishing flow of life forces permeating the water in the Water Vitalizer and those who drink it, for  enhancing energy level and optimal body mind function.

When water is stored in Lotus Arts’ glass containers it can retain its high vibration and quality for long periods of time.

Use and maintenance

The clear, luminous radiance of the Water Vitalizer gives a boost to the surroundings in every home, office and canteen, in schools and workplaces.

Its also recommended for treating water from water dispensers, water coolers and water filtration devices.
Water from the Water Vitalizer can be refrigerated in the included bottle.

Avoid dishwasher and clean the jug as needed with warm water and soap. Clean the egg with lukewarm water only.
Place the Water Vitalizer away from electrical appliances and sources of microwave radiation.
The water in the egg has a lifespan of 1-2 years by daily use.

When water is stored in Lotus Arts’ glass containers it can retain its high vibration and quality for long periods of time.

Transformer of High Fidelity – an innovative detoxification aid

Detoxification from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and all that goes against life in body and mind,
through the creative forces and intelligence of the four elements, cosmic forces, sacred geometry and structured water.

The glass and water art, as expressed in Lotus Arts’ Water Vitalizer, has been further developed with the Transformer of High Fidelity, to promote health through a very profound, releasing and uplifting detoxification at all levels.

Transformer of High Fidelity is a mouth-blown, egg-shaped, dark blue 1-liter container, with 2 identical opposite phi gold symbols of five eggs in the golden ration and sequence, with the pointed end facing down, for a more cleansing and detoxifying effect.

This provides a very dynamic matrix for the harmonizing, purifying and life-building forces of the glass and water, thereby creating a dynamic, transformative connection and effect between the smallest and the greatest, and the whole physical and etheric body.

The Transformer can only be put to use after drinking water from the Water Vitalizer for a month, whereafter the body and psyche are so much in balance in fire, air, water and earth that especially liver, kidneys, stomach, blood and lymph are no longer drained and poisoned by normal tap water.

Only then has the body come so much up in vibration from the structured 4 element water that the cells can resonate with the Transformer and its water, whereby the adipose tissue can start to release the disease-causing toxins.

Transformer of High Fidelity
Inclusive glass egg with vitalized water: 280 €

The Transformer is filled with water from the Water Vitalizer and, like the Water Vitalizer, it contains a sealed glass egg with the same highly qualified and structured water with the intelligent, creative forces of the four elements.

It is then placed 30 to 50 cm from the body or a specific part of the body, for an hour or more each day, and even at the bedside overnight, with the intention of being cleansed of harmful substances, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, radiation, and also heavy emotions, thoughts and conditions.

As the user’s cells vibrate and resonate with the water of the Transformer, which is the purest recipient and maintainer of the balancing life forces of the four elements, an equalization takes place with a transfer of harmful, anti-life substances and conditions from the user to the Transformer.

The Transformer’s cosmic power and the balancing, intelligent effect of the four elements, enable the dissolution of chemical bonds in man-made xenobiotic chemicals. Thereby they can be rendered harmless and returned to their original constituents and creation in the four elements, and the truth of how to work for life on earth.

The Transformer has an adaptogenic effect in that it adapts to the user’s condition and needs. It also works by clearing rooms for heavy energies and can be of great help in therapeutic practice.

Do not drink the water in the Transformer of High Fidelity.
The water should be replaced every day, otherwise the Transformer’s efficiency will be reduced.
The water can be poured into the sink, but it is best to pour it on grass and soil.
For optimal effect, it is recommended to drink plenty of water from the Water Vitalizer and eat a plant-based diet supplemented with atma oils.
General guidelines for the maintenance of the Water Vitalizer also applies to the Transformer of High Fidelity.

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